Privacy Policy

Regarding this Policy

This privacy policy and general privacy notice is implemented for KAZO REAL ESTATES LTD (referred as ‘company’). We ensure that our customers’ personal data is stored safely and securely. This policy has been drafted in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The privacy policy clarifies the process of your personal data (methodology of data collection), explains your privacy rights and the protection you obtain by the current Data Protection law and from our approach regarding your personal data and privacy.

Any other privacy notices that might be provided by KAZO REAL ESTATES LTD to its customers’ at the point data collection should be read in association with this notices and are complemented by the privacy notice.

Administrator Status and Details

Regarding the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), KAZO REAL ESTATES LTD is the data administrator of the collection or processing of the customers’ data and any enquiry regarding the methodology of the collection and process of the data should be addressed to the following contact details:

Name: Vyron Christoforou, Managing Director
Postal Code: 122A Georgiou Griva Digeni Street, 3101, Neapolis, Limassol, Cyprus.

Using KAZO REAL ESTATES LTD Website, automatically clients consent to the subject policy.

Data Collection

Your personal data that is collected, processed and stored by KAZO REAL ESTATES LTD, is directly provided to us by you as the user of this website, through enquiring regarding our services or goods/products that we promote and advertise in this website. This applies for every user of the website, including without limitation customers, tenants, buyers, suppliers, landlords and owners.

All website users are considered as an identifiable person and any personal information that is been collected, processed and stored covers any information which relates with the customer. Types of information that may include are exemplified below:

Non-personal information may be collected which is called as ‘Aggregated Data’, that derives from your personal data, but does not identify directly or indirectly the user. Such information is applied by KAZO REAL ESTATES LTD in order to examine and analyze the way our customers use and interact with our website.

Methodology of Data Collection

KAZO REAL ESTATES LTD applies the following methods in order to collect data:

Data Accuracy

Personal information that the company may obtain and process is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Such information is used as follows:

At the time of the data collection, KAZO REAL ESTATES LTD always requests the customers consent to use the data for marketing/promotion purposes.

By accepting the terms of this privacy policy, the user confirms and provides its consent to KAZO REAL ESTATES LTD to disclose any details and/or documents about the user if necessary. The consent of the user can be withdrawn at any time by writing to KAZO REAL ESTATES LTD.

The company always request its customer’s prior consent for sharing its personal data for marketing/promotion purposes with any third party. This allow relevant third parties to consult the customer regarding the products or services that they might be interested of.

Having a legitimate interest in doing so, customers’ personal information might be used only for any other purpose other than it was originally obtained for, in order to consult, assist, and service the customers’ interests.

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